Trump explains why he thinks war between China and Taiwan is inevitable

The former American president explained why he believes a war between China and Taiwan is inevitable.

Against the background of his recent statement that a war between China and Taiwan will be inevitable, former US President Donald Trump made an explanation of why he believes so. According to Trump, the point is not Beijing's belligerence or Taiwan's attempts to maintain its sovereignty, but the fact that China and Taiwan are being pushed to do so in Washington.

According to Trump, if he retained power in the United States, then a conflict in Ukraine would be unlikely, however, with the current US authorities, China and Taiwan may be mired in war. Trump explained that Washington and Nancy Pelosi are to blame for the current tensions, who could not agree on the refusal to visit the island.

“We can come to the Third World War because we are led by incompetent people”Trump explained in a statement.

Such a statement by Trump quite accurately explains the current tensions between Taiwan and China, since Beijing until the last demanded that the United States cancel Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, while Washington failed to take all possible measures to dissuade Pelosi and forbid her from visiting the island.

“If there is no influence in Washington, then conflict may indeed be inevitable. Trump is absolutely right here. The responsibility definitely lies with the "softness" of the American authorities. By the way, such a conflict is possible not only between Taiwan and China, but also in almost any other part of the world where there are disputed territories, for example, between China and Japan, Serbia and Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Armenia, etc.”, - the analyst notes.