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Trump talked about incredible weapons, and he was ridiculed

The US President announced the development of incredible weapons, but was ridiculed.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, answering journalists' questions, said that at present new types of weapons are being developed on the territory of the country that are hard to imagine.

“We are currently developing incredible new weapons. We have weapons that no one can even imagine. We intend to make a couple of stops in the next four to five weeks. Something [from the new systems] we demonstrate, but something is not ”, - said the American leader.

Despite the rather loud statement, experts were rather skeptical and ridiculed about Trump's speech.

“The incredible thing is that in the USA they still cannot create a reliable supersonic missile, not to mention catching up with Russia in the field of hypersonic technologies. If the USA still calls F-22 fighters with 30-year history innovative aircraft, then it’s obvious that weapons that it’s hard to imagine also have an age of at least 20 years, provided that it exists at all. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that earlier Trump accused Russia and China of stealing hypersonic technologies, however, today, in the USA, the development of these weapons is carried out only on paper.

nothing more than Putin's cartoons.