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Trump regrets the air strike against the Russian military

The air strike against Russian mercenaries in Syria caused Trump regret.

During the press conference of US President Donald Trump with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the US head stated that he regrets the disagreements between Russia and the United States of America over Syria.

"We have recently been very, very cruel - we talked about this some time ago - the battle in Syria, a month ago. Between our troops and Russian troops. And this is extremely sad ", - said Donald Trump.

The American president stressed that the massive air strike by the US Air Force against Syrian government troops caused a lot of disagreement between Russia and the US, since in fact, as a result of the bombing, at least 11 Russian military were killed (according to initial information, as a result of the bombings, about 100 Russian mercenaries were killed - Ed.).

"It's hard to imagine whether Trump's words are sincerity, since the United States implements many joint projects with Russia, in fact, being a full-fledged partner, or rather it's about pathos, but it's obvious that the American president does not want to spoil his relations with this country", - experts believe.

It should be clarified that 7 February 2018, the US Air Force inflicted a massive air strike on the positions of government forces in Syria and the Russian military, which turned out to be a major loss.

A strong thought !!! Caused a smile.

They fought then, they fought later, they are at war now and Vanya, Vasya, Petya and I will be at war.

The Anglo-Saxons consider us suckers, and if they don’t answer the same, then the same thing awaits us ahead, therefore we must also mistakenly strike, and then apologize for a long time, their military will make a decision to clarify, next time

who for the sake of let him die for him, and I am for a people who do not need your war

Your words to the Lord in your ears

Andryusha ...
We will die for our children, our wife, our parents ... Our street .... Our city .... Our country .....
And only in the latest for the president ...

Everything is very simple
1. America needs a full war! and she brews it in the Middle East. What for? to write off the main debt, to destroy the mass of Muslims on the planet, to sell American weapons, including allies.
2. Will Russia be involved in this war? better.
They have all been counted on 20 years ahead. all under the script.
3. And where the war there people will die, technology from all sides. In Syria, now is not a large-scale yet war. Each opponent is probed. If our government says that they have no losses or they are small, they lie 100%. Where is the statistics on the dead in Syria? Where is the statistics on technology?
And in Ukraine over 15000 people already. Our Slavs. over 1000 units of equipment. And in Syria, no less than vertex!

not everything is so clear ... I was there too .. thanks for the free ride.

There my brother was. The remains were buried after 1,5 a month. and on that thanks, that they took out.

Do not be afraid of Nick. Soon and the stolen millions we will return and if it is necessary will be put all Yankees and their European servants into place. Everything has its time.

chwk Wagner Seek

chvk Wagner look in nete.tam zapar in Syria occurred, ours also bombed

How all this jackal wailed from both sides.

Die? Fight!
For the mother and father, for the children, for your house and the memory of your ancestors!
And to escape or hide hidden behind not love for the government is very modern and fashionable not only in Russia

What nonsense, what another blow to the "positions of the government forces of Syria and the Russian military"
Enough lying, gosdepleadi.

When our fathers and grandfathers reared Russia from Napoleon, Hitler, the members of the government and parliament had no palaces, billions in currency in the territory of the enemy, their income did not exceed a billion a year. In addition to Russia, they had nothing.
Hussars, noblemen fought and died for Russia.
And now who will fight for the Motherland? Poor, ordinary infantry Vanya, Vasya, Petya ....
As Vereshchagin said in the White Sun of the Desert - for the State is offensive. Very disappointing.

When our fathers and grandfathers reared Russia from Napoleon, Hitler, the members of the government and parliament had no palaces, billions in currency in the territory of the enemy, their income did not exceed a billion a year. In addition to Russia, they had nothing.
Hussars, noblemen fought and died for Russia.
And now who will fight for the Motherland? Poor, ordinary infantry Vanya, Vasya, Petya ....
As Vereshchagin said in the White Sun of the Desert - for the State is offensive. Very disappointing.

It's you, the henchman of the west, you do not see beyond your nose.

So you can go to die for Trump if he's closer to you, or as an undecided biomass die from the side effects of who cares how you choose.
The majority in Russia will choose for Putin!

I agree!!! Everyone believes the way, but in fact we do not know what is really going on, the time will come and we will go to die, but for what? For Putin's sake ?? Yes to .. I need it ?? Chmoe is filthy!

it's not in Syria, the West has overpassed all the borders of confusion in the Caucasus. Georgia is all their business, and it's time to beat them with the same weapon of atoms when the push button is strengthened and # $ # $ # $ world

I read all these comments to the article and in shock! People stop reading Putin's propaganda.

Do not exile Nikandrov! We will do without such. For Russia, grandfathers, fathers, and we have already fought, we will cope. And you and your companions are not exiled.

Yes do not worry so. It is better to watch Satanovsky's speech on the data of Chinese intelligence about the actions in Syria. At once it becomes clear that the Englishwoman and the sanctions of the Amerikos are disgusting.

And what does the RA military do in Syria? They were withdrawn from there. IHTAMNET. So Trampovtsy just wasted their weapons-and fss.. Do not worry. They do not fight and fight there, not Russians, but, renegades ... Or am I wrong?

If you do not see beyond your nose, then you will not understand!

I do not understand completely why we had to get involved in this war for Syria! It would be better to help our people than other countries!

It is high time to start imposing sanctions against this criminal trinity ... The response sanctions are one thing, and the sanctions for their criminal actions are completely different ... The senile decrepitude of our Foreign Ministry is striking ...

Idiot. The West is bombing now, Russia is patiently waiting (it finished bombing exclusively ISIS, from which the vaunted West did not know where to hide). So if TOMORROW someone starts bombing, it will be the east (and not only Russia). And as history shows, the West in such situations usually sets its tail between its legs and, with a pitiful excuse whine, huddles back into its cozy "booths" ... If, of course, this time these "booths" remain in existence at all.

We are at war for Russia there. Conflicts must be resolved sooner than they come to your home.

Come on, in the kitchen, all the strategists and generals, waving their fists with their fists

Fools, you are simply bred and "our" victims are not there and never were! Filter the bazaar, our cowardly ones!

Are you going to die for Syria?

Gut, then you do not disagree, when you are buried
will come ...

to our regret we see only the tip of the iceberg, understand that you are only told what you need to know, you are for USA, I'm SLAVIC, but our mothers give birth to us, honor them and love, regardless of the country.

Russia betrayed Syria, allowing the US, F ..., A ... just to bomb Syria.

If your favorite United States jumps into the abyss, will you jump there too?
Are you ready to burn in the hellish flame of the "last" war?

I think that he regrets, he's just not the only one who rules their state

dashing trouble, the beginning, tomorrow the west will begin to bomb in the same way. base and military. contingent in Syria. Well, and further, because the reaction will be similar, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Baltic, then- under the list

I would also like to express my condolences to Trump in such a case with his military.

What would the US not do - USA Best !!! USA Number One! The US leader and the US are trying to preserve this leadership and for this all means are good, as in the war. God Bless America!

Alexander, the Russian military - servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces ... And PMCs - private military companies - mercenaries. So you do not need to volens or nevolens to mislead yourself and others.

That's how not to swear, these amerikosy-pindos kill our people and regret it is necessary to bomb these freaks, so that they do not seem a little. Blood for blood !!

This is not the Russian military ..... and if the PMC, then there Papuans?

That's absolutely correct position-the answer .. this will definitely work!

Would you like to punish pilots, and not those who sent those pilots? And this is the fault of the US State Department and US President Bill Clinton. They needed the largest military base in the center of Europe and that the territory belonged to the de facto United States.

then you can "bomb a little" amers .... and then "a little sorry"

Damn, it may be enough to distribute the deuce? The dead were not Russian military. They were volunteers from PMCs. Lupili on the Syrian rebels, but ours was simply hurt, as they were located near the place of attack. The Germans still carried out an investigation into this incident.

we have not forgotten Serbia a small country in the center of Europe with its bombing of civilians kills women without children and the world is silent and died over 2000 people when there will be a trial of peoples over murderers over pilots who flew to kill peaceful people now their conscience is not

Yes Trump spit on you, Russian - he is a businessman, he is interested in more money, and not an expression of regrets of the Russian

He does not regret it - if he regretted it, he would not have fooled the head with the attacks of Syria. It is likely that the tramp is simply afraid to unleash a conflict with Russia, although this is not a fact

Someone's children, brothers, fathers died (the Kingdom of Heaven, let the earth rest in peace), and the fucking Trump only "regrets", but I don’t believe him in this lie. Too many deaths on earth were brought by these amers it is already in their blood. It is unlikely that they will ever repent of this until they themselves see the second Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. on their land.



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