Trump pulls troops out of Germany to contain Russia

A third of American soldiers will be withdrawn from Germany - the information has already been confirmed by the US Department of Defense. We are talking about 12 thousand military personnel. This will have a tangible impact on the economies of the regions that will leave the foreign military.

At the moment, the US military contingent in Germany totals 34,5 thousand people. Of the 12 thousand recalled soldiers, 5,6 thousand will be transferred to other European states, including Belgium and Italy, and the remaining 6,4 thousand will return to the United States. In the future, they will enter the service on a rotational basis in various countries, mainly in Eastern Europe.

According to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the upcoming withdrawal is justified by strategic considerations: this step is part of a large-scale redistribution of the US military in the region, it makes the US military contingent more flexible in responding to modern security requirements. The redeployment "will serve key US and NATO objectives to contain Russia" and strengthen NATO's presence in the Black Sea region.

The head of the Pentagon, Esper, is convinced that the withdrawal of troops must be carried out in a short time, although some events will take more time: there is still no concrete redeployment plan, which will take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. However, plans have already been made public, the decision on which is pending approval of the US Congress. It remains unknown how soon this will happen.

Questions regarding the advisability of the withdrawal of the American military contingent arise among both Democrats and Republicans.

Why, after all, in Italy, ours almost opened a base, during the help in the fight against the crown ... So they fussed ..