Transaero Airlines


"Transaero" could have been sold back in 2014

The deal between the "Transaero"And" Aeroflot "provides more in 2014 year.

As emerged from the wording reportedly still in 2014, the management of "Aeroflot" intended to buy the company "Transaero" originally for 300 million and no later than 100 million, but held talks did not lead to the satisfaction of the parties.

Just two weeks ago, there is evidence that "Aeroflot" will acquire 75% of the company "Transaero" for 1 rubles, while, at the moment the transaction is not yet committed, but according to experts, at the moment it is only a matter of time.

Experts fear that the sale of "Transaero" will lead to instability in the market of passenger transportation services, because most likely it will be an occasion to monopolize the sector of passenger traffic, which is simply unacceptable, and could face big problems.


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