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Transaero may stop selling air tickets from December 1

Airline "Transaero"Suspended the sale of tickets to the December 1 2015 years.

The decision to suspend the sale of air tickets from December 2015 is not final, however, according to portal, Rosaviatsia insists on this, and it is possible that in fact, air tickets will disappear from sale only from 2016 year.

At the moment, the leadership of Russia's largest air carrier had no comment on the suspension of the sale of tickets, however, experts believe that in order to avoid any penalties in the future, the air carrier will listen to the recommendations and requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Among other things, experts believe that the purchase of Transaero Airlines, whose debts are measured by the sum of almost 260 billion rubles, will bring an exceptional profit to Aeroflot Group, since in fact, the strongest competitor will disappear from the air transportation market.


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