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"Transaero" will stop flying on the route Perm - Moscow

Airline "Transaero»Cancels flights from Perm to Moscow.

The last flight from Perm to Moscow will be operated by Transaero on October 27 of this year, while further termination of air traffic on the current route is not due to the lack of passenger traffic on it, since most Transaero aircraft are loaded with more than 85-87 %.

Experts are of the opinion that the termination of flights on the current route may be due to the fact that flights in this direction are also operated by Aeroflot and its subsidiary, low-cost Pobeda, and here, judging by the opinions of analysts, there is a deliverance from competition.

According to the information agency, in the near future the air carrier "Transaero" may stop flights on other air routes, thereby creating more favorable conditions for other air operators, in particular, the carriers included in the GC "Aeroflot".


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