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Transaero will reduce the number of flights from Tomsk to Moscow

Airline "TransaeroWill reduce the number of flights from Tomsk to Moscow.

To date, it has become known that the airline Transaero has canceled its evening flight from Tomsk to Moscow since mid-January next year, and also halved the frequency of air travel in the current direction. Now, instead of flying six times a week, the air carrier will only fly 3 times from Tomsk to Moscow.

As clarified by the leadership of the airline "Transaero", the cancellation of flights is primarily related to the optimization of the flight program. Among other things, according to some information, the airline "Transaero" has reduced the number of its flights due to some financial problems, as previously very often reported in aviation news. According to some reports, the loading of the air liners of the company was not complete, and the spent optimization will get rid of additional costs.