Transaero Airlines


"Transaero" decommissioning of the aircraft

Airline "Transaero"Was to reduce its fleet of aircraft.

To date, according to the information portal, 10 passenger planes have left the Transaero aircraft fleet (Boeing 737 и Boeing 767 - approx. Ed.), which, according to some data, makes it possible to optimize the activities of this Russian air carrier, currently under the management of GC Aeroflot.

Nevertheless, experts are confident that in the near future the number of aircraft in the carrier’s fleet (today it is 96 aircraft - approx. Ed.) assumptions of the same experts, from the once large fleet of Transaero Airlines, will remain on the order of 40 aircraft.

Earlier, editors have already reported that most of the Transaero debts can be repaid solely by reducing the aircraft used.