Highway Svatovo - Kremennaya partially moved into the "grey zone"

The highway connecting Svatovo and Kremennaya has crossed the "grey zone".

At the moment, certain sections of the Svatovo-Kremennaya highway, which is one of the most important frontiers, are not controlled by either the Russian or Ukrainian armies. About it сообщают Russian military correspondents, noting that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to reach Chervonopopovka and become more active in the area Zhitlovka.

This happened against the backdrop of the activation of the Ukrainian army in the Lugansk direction, and although the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not yet control the highway, the transition of its individual sections to the “gray zone” allows Ukrainian troops to transfer more serious forces to this direction.

At the moment, a natural obstacle in the form of the Red River separates the exit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Zhitlovka and Kremennaya, however, due to its small width, the obstacle rather prevents the penetration of individual sabotage and reconnaissance groups, since forcing the Red River with military equipment is unlikely to cause any serious Problems.

Given the rather large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in this direction, the Ukrainian troops will try to expand the front line to reach Zhytlovka, as this will allow them to cover the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Terny, Zarechny and Torsky. Moreover, as previously reported, a massive attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be expected between December 10 and 25.


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