Interior of passenger aircraft


A teetotaler staged a drunken brawl on board "Turkish Airlines"

Passenger-teetotaler made a drunken brawl on board the airline «Turkish Airlines».

As it became known on the eve of the day, when the passenger flight from Istanbul to Moscow, one of the passengers, consuming strong alcoholic drinks, arranged on board the aircraft drunken brawl. Told himself later violent passenger, he spent three years did not drink alcoholic beverages, as he worked on a construction site in Turkey, where it was not allowed, however, already on the board, he drank 300 grams of whiskey, as a consequence, lost control and He insulted not only the aircraft crew and other passengers.

It is noted that as a result of the accident, the crew of the airliner was forced to immobilize the man, and upon arrival at Moscow's Vnukovo airport, pass it to the Metropolitan Police.

This is not a non-drinkers. but only vozderzhannik. Abstainers live sober.



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