B-52 USA bomber


Three American bomber gone near the Crimea

Three American B-52 bomber were missing at the Russian borders.

A few hours ago it became known that three American strategic bomber-bomber B-52 were sent to the Russian borders from the territory of the United States of America, which were to take part in the culminating phase of NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea. Despite this fact, three combat aircraft deviated from a given course, and suddenly disappeared from radar at an altitude of 7-8 thousand meters.

According to the data provided by the Plane Radar resource, the US strategic bombers B-52 flew out of the territory of the Minot air base, and having gone across the Atlantic, entered the EU airspace. However, instead of being sent directly to the training zone, the bombers headed south-east, and completely mysteriously disappeared over the territory of Romania, approximately 750 kilometers from the Crimea.

It is reported that while being in Romanian airspace, American bombers made refueling, however, their current location remains unknown, since the crews turned off the transponders (initially reported that two bombers were fixed, while the third followed with transponders disabled). ).

Experts did not rule out that American strategic bombers could head, including to the Crimea, but at the current time there have been no official comments on this subject.

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This is not quite true. Yes, they intercepted him, but since the plane was not allowed to open civilian fire. He himself sat down to refuel from his canisters, which he had in stock, and flew further to Moscow. A solid radar field at low altitude was only along the land border, so it was lost within the country.

The introduction of the invention, patent number XXUMX, "Device for controlling the flow around an aircraft" allows: - to be invisible to the aircraft for all types of radar missile defense and air defense;
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There was a period when American aircraft stationed in Scandinavia regularly violated our north-western borders, they were shot down by fighters, and then the formulas "disappeared into the sea" sounded in print and on the radio. Once, in pursuit of an intruder, our pilot got so carried away that he shot down the intruder when he was landing on the airfield, there was a lot of noise. Letchin was a real “Fighter”, with a capital letter.

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In Romania, and remained. In general, flying without a transponder is considered a potential aggression.

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The article clearly states that the b-52 turned off the transponders, which means that they are no longer registered in the ICAO network. and went to training combat mode

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