Bomber B-52


Three American strategic bombers B-52 approached the most secret region of Russia

Three US strategic air force bombers were 80 kilometers from Russian borders.

As follows from the information of the Telegram community of Military Observer, during the last raid of the American strategic bombers, B-52, as previously reported by, the latter flew at a distance of only 80 kilometers to one of the most secret areas of Russia.

Judging by the presented flight pattern of American strategic bombers B-52, the latter managed to fly quite freely to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. In fact, according to experts, for reasons that are not completely clear, three bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board “went behind the lines” of Russia, and judging by the lack of official statements, they did not encounter any opposition on their flight route.

What was the objective objective of the flight of three American strategic bombers to the Russian borders is not specified, however, this causes serious concern, although in essence, three aircraft do not pose a pronounced threat even in the event of a military conflict.