VIM-Avia Airline


Three VIM-Avia flights were delayed by almost a day

The carrier "VIM-Avia" is almost a day delayed implementation of its three flights.

As it became known information resource, passengers of flight Burgas - Saint Petersburg were forced to wait more than 20 hours of departure, while, as noted by dozens of clients of the company, the air carrier was not able to thoroughly clarify the reason for the delay is almost a daily departure to the same airline customers note that although the air carrier has supplied them with food, but from the granting of the hotel refused.

Among other things, the airline "VIM-Avia" has detained almost a day and two more of their flight - one of them was supposed to fly to Varna from St. Petersburg, and the other from Simferopol to St Petersburg, and, the reason for such long delays are the current currently unknown.


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