Three Russian warships could move towards Cuba

Three warships that moved out of the Baltic Sea attracted the close attention of the United States.

Three Russian large landing ships "Minsk", "Korolev" and "Kaliningrad", loaded, according to sources, with unknown weapons, moved out of the Baltic Sea in the direction of the North Sea. Against the background of the Russian side's statement about the possible deployment of a Russian military contingent near the US borders, the appearance of three Russian warships at once attracted the close attention of the United States and NATO, since the capabilities of these ships are sufficient to transport, including both nuclear and non-nuclear missile weapons.

At the moment, the route for the advance of three Russian large landing ships remains unknown, however, the United States is seriously afraid that Russia has already taken retaliatory measures against the United States and NATO countries, especially since the capabilities of the same Iskander missile systems will be enough to in order to cover half of the state of Florida with strikes from the territory of Cuba, and if we take into account the possibility of transferring Russian Bastion coastal missile systems to Cuba, then most of the American naval bases on the territory of this state will be hit.

“Russia has given the United States a serious reason to think about quickly returning to negotiations, otherwise the consequences for Washington could be critical. Russia already has weapons that, if deployed in Cuba, can easily turn US military installations into ruins in just a few minutes.”, - notes the specialist Avia.pro.

It is expected that the most likely route for the advance of Russian warships will become known within the next 48 hours.

That's it, the guard is tired of waiting.

Mikhail - why especially tear the claws and stick missiles on different bases on foreign continents- This is expensive and difficult .. We have a backlog in the submarine fleet, where, for example, only one nuclear submarine can leave half the mainland of North America without life .. And there are many of them! And there is not much point in investing in all sorts of Cubas of Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Should be further than Florida. There are practically no bases. At least to Norfolk should reach. This is 1600 km. I hope some kind of modification of Iskander

Siiii, por favor. Necesitamos esos insumos. Esperamos que no le digan a nadie. Ja, ja, ja.

An interesting topic about Russia's possible responses: It seems that the world community does not know much about history, namely, where and why did China get nuclear weapons? I think the Americans should think very seriously about this on the eve of Putin's meeting with the head of Iran.

Damn. Only three .. If only 20 ships could! Poor Russia!