Night shelling


Three NATO planes attacked by unknown persons approaching Kabul

Terrorists prevented NATO aircraft from landing in Kabul.

The evacuation of military and civilians from Kabul International Airport was unexpectedly interrupted by unknown terrorists. According to the data presented, at least three military transport aircraft were unable to land in Kabul: two C-130s of the US Air Force and one C-17 of the British Air Force. According to preliminary data, unknown terrorists attacked the planes during the landing approach. For this, anti-aircraft installations were used.

It is known that at least three aircraft intended to land in Kabul, however, for unknown reasons, shortly before landing, the aircraft again gained altitude and continued to move in the area of ​​the Afghan capital. According to some reports, the reason for this was the opening of fire on planes from the ground. In particular, it is reported that anti-aircraft installations were working and it became known from the tracers that it was the aircraft that were being attacked.

It is noteworthy that the militants could use the data of open monitoring resources, allowing them to track the movement of aircraft over various countries. In fact, knowing the current location of the aircraft and their flight altitude, the aircraft could be shot down, including using portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

Who exactly is behind the attack on NATO planes is unknown, however, a few hours ago, shortly before the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport, terrorists similarly fired at an Italian military plane that was taking refugees and military personnel out of Afghanistan.

At the moment, aircraft departing from Kabul airport cannot be tracked by public resources. This indicates that appropriate security measures have been taken.

Not good for the author. The aircrafts have been disconnecting transponders over Afgan / Kabul for a long time. But the engines do not run silently and the side lights are on ...



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