Three supersonic fighter-interceptors MiG-31K left the territory of Belarus

Three MiG-31K fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces left the territory of Belarus.

The planes in an organized manner left the territory of the military airfield in Machulishchi (the southern outskirts of Minsk - ed.) and flew in the direction of Russia. This is reported by both local residents and Belarusian information resources. Before that, it was assumed that fighters capable of carrying Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missiles should provide cover for the Belarusian borders due to the emergence of threats from Ukraine and NATO, however, now the planes have flown back, although the threat has not decreased.

According to Belarusian information resources, the planes took off in the direction of the Savasleyka airfield in the Nizhny Novgorod region. At the same time, it remains unknown for the time being whether hypersonic weapons were deployed in Belarus at the time the MiG-31K fighters were here, since at least once the MiG-31K fighter was seen with the Kinzhal cruise missile.

Previously, it was suggested that the deployment of MiG-31K fighters may be associated with the intentions of the Russian military to strike with hypersonic weapons at the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, in the event of an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to break through the Dnieper to the left bank, however, obviously, this information is unreliable.


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