Three helicopters and one US Air Force plane spotted flying to Odessa

Three military helicopters and one US Air Force military transport aircraft were seen flying from Romania towards Odessa.

Special services that allow monitoring the air situation recorded the moment of the nomination of three US Air Force UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and one unidentified military transport aircraft towards the Ukrainian border. Approximately 25 kilometers away, the aircraft turned off their automatic transponders, making it impossible to track them. However, the aircraft were almost guaranteed to cross Ukrainian airspace, because, unlike helicopters, an American military transport aircraft could not land anywhere else, except at one of the Ukrainian airfields.

At the moment, there is no convincing evidence that the aircraft actually entered the airspace of Ukraine, however, such a case is the first. This, according to a number of analysts, may indicate the fact that American planes and helicopters can freely cross the airspace of Ukraine, moving at low altitudes.

What could be the purpose of the visit of the US military to the territory of Ukraine is unknown, however, it may well be about the transfer of some weapons or the US military.