Three divisions of the Iskander-M OTRK are enough to destroy the 40-strong NATO army

The 40-strong NATO army can be destroyed by just three divisions of the Russian Iskander-M OTRK.

NATO's threats to transfer an army of 40 troops to Ukraine will force Russia to use its Iskander-M OTRK against the Alliance troops. Three divisions of this weapon will be quite enough to defeat the enemy army, in case of a threat to the Russian military, within only half an hour. At the same time, taking into account the deployment sites of the Russian OTRK, an operational strike against NATO combat tactical groups can be carried out within just an hour.

NATO's refusal to guarantee Russia's security and recent threats to deploy a 40-strong military army towards the Russian borders allow the Russian side to quickly respond to such attacks. For this, 12 mobile launchers of the Iskander-M complexes will be quite enough to cover the areas of deployment of the main forces of the alliance with powerful strikes.

“The use of the Iskander-M OTRK in Syria has demonstrated the high effectiveness of this weapon against large concentrations of enemy forces. It is not worth threatening Russia with a 40-strong army, which can be completely destroyed within half an hour., - notes the analyst

It should be noted that a few days ago at least one division of the Iskander OTRK moved towards the Ukrainian border. This indicates that Russia is seriously considering strikes against NATO forces.

You find them first.

12 poison. warheads will be destroyed not 40 thousand, but 400 thousand in a few minutes.

It is the same one, stronger in Syria, just like in Afghanistan. And there will be a run with the loss of pants across the ocean.

Why so long, why not five minutes

And how long will it take for NATO to destroy three divisions of the Iskander OTRK?

2000-2022 year.

Grozny in 2000 could be taken by one regiment in two hours ....

Someone is still in the templates of the Second World War. Sadly.

certainly. when they sleep...

In Syria, Iskander hit 3 maja.heads (, the head from the shoulders, it is called) right on the head. Missed the other two.
If it hits at least 5 NATO members, then there will already be progress.

Be patient. Soon.

During the day - stupid, you have to choose the best moment.

It is transparently hinted that thermonuclear warheads will be used ...

Promptly responding to a refusal to provide security guarantees is to hit at least somewhere during the day, and not to blurt out your tongue at every corner.

I don't think that the NATO members will cluster together so tightly. If 20 thousand are covered, it’s not bad either. It's good that Europe is tiny - there is nowhere to disperse during global strikes.

Where did they find a large concentration of enemy forces in Syria? 10 Mujahideen on camels? NATO is not that enemy at all.

It's time to start, everyone has been waiting.

So all Ukrainians are just waiting for NATO at home? Yes, there will begin a guerrilla war against them. And if the Poles climb into the west of Ukraine and start downloading rights there? In the same place, local Poles are hated and vice versa. They are friends only because of their advantage against the Russians.