Blagoveshchensk Airport


Fog violated the work of Blagoveshchensk airport

Due to the thick fog, flights are delayed at Blagoveshchensk airport.

At the moment, we are talking about at least three flights delayed for arrival, two of which followed from Moscow, and another one from Yakutsk. Employees of Blagoveshchensk Airport told that one of the Moscow flights was redirected to the airport. Khabarovsk, And flights from Moscow and Yakutsk landed at Blagoveshchensk airport with a significant delay.

Departures from Blagoveshchensk were also corrected due to fog, however, passengers became aware that the delay time was not significant.

It is assumed that closer to noon, the fog will completely disappear, and Blagoveshchensk airport will be able to restore its normal operation. By the way, it is worth noting that the appearance of the morning fog for the employees of the Blagoveshchensk airport was a complete surprise, and according to meteorologists, the reason for all was the decrease in the night temperature, due to which the air appeared finely dispersed condensate.


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