Novokuznetsk Airport


Fog disrupted Novokuznetsk Airport

In Novokuznetsk, because of the fog, not able to land two flights.

As it became known resource, morning fog prevented the two passenger flight to land at the airport in Novokuznetsk, which is why the planes were redirected to the alternate airport in Novosibirsk. As the source notes, airplanes airlines «S7» and "Siberia" had to land at an air Novokuznetsk harbor 5 hours 40 minutes and 6 hours 50 minutes, respectively, however, due to poor visibility, it was decided to postpone the arrival of flights at a later time .

It should be clarified that due to the variability of temperature ranges of night and day, the fog is increasingly becoming the cause of flight delays, and, this situation will occur until the establishment of the heat.

You do not confuse, S7 Siberia and one company.



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