Tomsk Airport


The fog prevented the planes landing at the airport of Tomsk

Due to poor visibility the airport Tomsk works intermittently.

According to information provided by the information site, a dense morning fog led to a delay of at least two passenger flights that had to be redirected to spare airfields, in particular, Aeroflot's plane was sent to Barnaul, and the plane of the carrier "Siberia" - to Novosibirsk.

As it became known from the workers of the Tomsk air hub, in the near future the situation with poor visibility will normalize, and the airport will be able to operate normally, although it is possible that due to the observed cooling, fogs can threaten the normal operation of the air hub even at least until the end of this week.

Among other things, this morning mists have become a problem for other Russian airports, some of which have already been fully restored.


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