Koltsovo Airport


Fog delayed flights to Koltsovo

Because of bad weather, the work of the airport in Yekaterinburg was disrupted.

At the moment, the editors of the information resource Avia.pro have received information that at least two flights have been delayed on arrival, and two flights on departure. According to the specified information, the flight from the capital Vnukovo Airport is delayed with the arrival at Koltsovo Airport by more than 4,5 hours, and the arrival of the flight from Sheremetyevo is postponed for at least 3 hours.

Due to the fact that the flights are delayed, departure on the return route will be postponed to a later time, which will be reported to the passengers at the airport in a timely manner.

According to experts, dense fog is mainly associated with lowering night temperatures, and, despite the fact that it was quite expected, unfortunately, the airport management could not take any appropriate measures, which naturally causes a lot of passenger discontent at the moment.