Turkey goes to Mizda, and threatens Russian military defeat in Libya

Turkey announced its readiness to begin to storm Mizda and began to threaten the Russian military.

Inspired by the attack on Al-Vatiya airbase, where two Pantsir-S air defense missile systems were destroyed, and one of them was captured by PNE forces, Turkey announced that it was launching an assault on the city of Mizda, while threatening to defeat Russian military mercenaries.

“The result achieved by the Libyan army on the battlefield forces us to join the ranks of the Government of National Unity and those who previously held a position on the side of Haftar. After the tribes of the city of Esabia, located on the Tripoli - Tarhuna route, reported that they now support the Government of National Unity, the city of Mizda, southwest of Tripoli, also expressed support for the Libyan government. A joint written statement signed by the local council of Mizda and leading representatives of the urban community expresses "support for the legitimate government led by Faiz al-Sarraj and the operation" Volcano of Wrath "carried out by the Libyan army against the militants of Haftar." A statement pointing to Haftar also states that "the city of Mizda will be together with Tripoli until the clean lands of Libya are cleared of this harmful plant." The city of Mizda is one of the important points on the line of arms and ammunition supply to the city of Tarhun, which the militants of Haftar use as a center for coordinating operations and supplies during attacks on the capital. "- сообщает Turkish edition of Yeni Safak.

It should be clarified that a few hours earlier the Turkish media published video frames that allegedly depicted the emergency evacuation of the Russian military from Libya, however, as it turned out, the video frames were made a few years ago, moreover, they captured an airplane belonging to the forces of the Government of National Unity.

Nevertheless, the mass of threats directed against Russia against the background of the appearance in Libya of MiG-29 fighter jets, which, according to Turkey, are Russian aerospace forces, raises questions as to whether Ankara will go into an open military conflict with Russia.