Turkish armored vehicles


Turkey is moving large-scale weapons to the Ain Issy area, despite the appearance in the area of ​​bases with Russian flags

Turkey intends to ignore the risk of strikes against the Russian military.

Despite the fact that Russian state flags appeared at the observation posts and checkpoints of the Syrian Kurds in the Ain Issa area, which means the presence of Russian troops in the region, Turkish troops intend to storm Ain Issa, ignoring the danger to Russian troops. This is evidenced by the large-scale transfer of Turkish weapons and ammunition to the region.

According to the data of the Kurdish armed formations, Turkey has been pulling its equipment and weapons into the region for the second day in a row. Moreover, judging by the situation, the assault on Ain Issa is supposed to begin within the next few days.

Ignoring the Russian presence by the Turkish side creates real preconditions for possible clashes between Russia and Turkey in Syria. At the same time, Ankara had already been warned earlier that the Russian side is categorically against any escalation in the region.

About a day ago, over the Kamyshly area, where the Russian military airbase is located, there was Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicle Anka-S spotted, which was armed with MAM-L ammunition.