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Turkey massively transfers jihadists from Libya to Azerbaijan under the cover of a truce

Turkey has begun a large-scale transfer of militants from Libya to Azerbaijan.

According to sources, the ceasefire in Libya supported by the Turkish side for a period of three months is due to the fact that Turkey has begun to actively transfer jihadists from this African country to Azerbaijan to conduct hostilities in Karabakh. According to all the same sources, over the past week from Libya, in transit through Turkey, from 700 to 900 jihadists got to Azerbaijan, and in the event of a ceasefire, we can talk about several thousand members of illegal gangs sent to Azerbaijan, which, including , threatens Russia too.

“Now Turkey needs the forces of jihadists and is quickly transferring them from Libya to Turkish territory, and from there, probably, is transferring them to Azerbaijan. This was the case in Syria, then in Libya, and now in Karabakh ”, - the source said.

Earlier, the Syrian monitoring resources reported that since the beginning of military clashes in Karabakh, up to XNUMX jihadists were deployed from Syria to Azerbaijan, and then to NKR, which is probably due to the rapid transition of the Karabakh regions under the control of the Azerbaijani army.

At the same time, experts note that the additional transfer of jihadists to Azerbaijan may be associated with preparations for hostilities directly against Armenia.