Air Base Khmeimim


Turkey may isolate Russian military air base "Hmeimim"

Turkey may block access to the Khmeimim airbase by banning flights through its airspace.

The Russian military base Khmeimim may be under siege due to the existing differences between Russia and Turkey on the Syrian issue. Given the fact that Russian fighters are blocking the airspace from attacks by the Turkish Air Force, Turkey can close its airspace for Russian military aircraft heading to the Khmeimim airbase and Damascus, thereby isolating Russian military installations in Syria.

“Russia has good relations with Iran and Iraq, however, given the fact that Baghdad is constantly under pressure from Washington, unpleasant risks are created that can really lead to the Khmeimim air base being under siege” , - the analyst notes.

It is noteworthy that the United States is also interested in this, which can also contribute to the isolation of Russian military facilities in Syria, which, by the way, remain very dependent on the supply of ammunition, fuel and other resources.

If you love America so much, smear yourself one place with Vaseline and wali from Russia to America.

Really? This suggests that US influence will calmly block Russia's oxygen even without military intervention. It is necessary to be friends with world powers, and not to rush to show off and threaten the entire Western world with outdated technologies, you will not shoot anyone with show-offs)