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Turkey may transfer to Ukraine data on the work of Russian S-400 air defense systems located near the border

Turkey may transfer to Ukraine data on the work of Russian S-400 air defense systems deployed near the border with Ukraine.

Against the background of how Turkey is trying to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the implementation of plans to seize Donbass and Crimea, there is a risk that Turkey may try to transfer to Kiev secret data on the operation of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, which are located near the border of Russia and Ukraine. ... First of all, we are talking about Turkey's intentions to advertise its attack drones, and if this really works in Donbass, then Ankara can significantly popularize its attack drones.

To date, Turkey has had plenty of time to work out its electronic countermeasures on the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems purchased earlier from Russia. Moreover, taking into account the data that Turkish specialists may now be in Ukraine, there is a fairly high probability that Ankara can deliberately organize a provocation, the key intention of which is to create the illusion that Turkish drones can surpass Russian air defense systems.

It is noteworthy that today only S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems can detect Turkish drones at long ranges. This has already been demonstrated by the Russian military.

BG, I have not been to America, crossed paths with Americans a couple of times at work - he did not notice any peculiarities in them. But, I remember very well how in the 90s, when Russia could be taken with their bare hands, the Americans came here with business, gave loans, introduced new technologies, for example hydraulic fracturing - hydraulic fracturing, without which Russian oil is not produced, this is their equipment, which still works (I know firsthand, all my life in the oil industry). Ours have not yet built a single hydraulic fracturing fleet. What is our government doing at this time? Produces thieves. For example, explain how gym teacher Rothenberg became a dollar billionaire in 20 years. In short, this time the truth is not on our side, which means there will be no victory.

GB, I read your pathetic writings: "does not respect ..., does not put a penny ..., behaves, not observing ..." Well this is a portrait of the United States! "I like America!" ?? "Very worldly" ?? DE-MA-GO-GIA! Used and thrown away (after robbing). [Recent] history does not teach you anything! In 2013, at the Belbek airfield in Crimea, brave Ukrainian soldiers also shouted: "America is with us!" Where are they?...

BG, everyone can have allies, and friends too. All, except for the outcasts, i.e. those who do not respect either friends or neighbors, or put a penny on the rights of their citizens, behave without observing either international laws or decency. Such countries will be destroyed because natural selection is not on their side.

Russia and Ukraine have a different concept of friends and allies, because they are in "different weight classes." "Friends and allies" of Ukraine are "brothers in misfortune", on whom no one and nothing depends, lost in a pack. Countries such as Russia, China, the United States, maybe Turkey and a little bit of India, cannot have either allies or friends. Ukraine is not even a subject, it is a tool with which they are trying to encroach on the interests of its neighbors, but this attempt is an "attempt with unsuitable means" (doomed in advance to failure)

And why is it not described in detail how this will happen?

They can. Do you think the data from the export S-400 will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine? It looks like the Turks have finally convinced Ukraine that they will win the war with Bayraktars alone. Then, as with the Crimea, they will look for the extreme: and who is it ("shouted from the branches") decided to buy THIS ... Maybe transfer? The Bayraktar problem is solved by one Iskander

Great news. Let the Turks create the illusion that Turkish drones can outperform our air defense systems. This is where we catch them. Plus 175 ground troops, plus 500 fighters. I think Ukraine will come to surrender by Monday without a fight.

Do Bandera have "friends and allies"? The same fascists? Funny ....

I think, yes. But the same mistake persists, although the loss is already obvious.

Yes, Ukraine has both friends and allies .. But today's Russia has only mercenary hangers-on.

Yes, at least let it give to Ukraine, but there will be zero sense since this is an export version and Russian S-400s work in a completely different way

Russia's grave mistake with Erdogan



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