Türkiye may support Sweden's NATO membership

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, citing its sources, reports Turkey's readiness to support Sweden's entry into NATO provided that the United States fulfills its promise to sell F-16 fighter jets to Ankara. The announcement follows reports that the US is sending F-16 fighter jets to Greece but is refusing to supply them to Turkey.

The publication's columnist Abdulkadir Selvi indicated that Turkey is ready to support NATO expansion and Sweden's admission to the alliance if the United States keeps its promise regarding the F-16. He also noted that earlier positive results had been achieved behind the scenes, in particular, the secret embargo on arms supplies to Turkey, imposed by 3-4 countries, had been lifted.

Any time frame for making decisions has not yet been disclosed, however, it was previously assumed that Turkey would approve Sweden's entry into NATO by the end of this year.


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