MIM-23 system


Turkey Aiming Missiles at Hmeimim Air Base

Turkey is preparing to attack the Russian military air base "Hmeimim."

A few hours ago, satellite images appeared, which showed the deployment of Turkish MIM-23 systems 80 kilometers from the Russian military base "Khmeimim". Air defense systems can also be used to destroy Russian combat aircraft, although the effective range of such systems is only about 35 kilometers.

The satellite imagery shows how Turkish forces deployed air defense equipment near the city of Al-Mastum, located about 80 kilometers northeast of the Russian military base Hmeimim, Ankara had not previously announced the deployment of its air defense equipment in the province of Idlib , and in the context of the fact that Russian military aviation resumed flights over this area, analysts draw attention to a very serious threat from Turkey.

Given the fact that Turkey actively supports the terrorists who captured Idlib and Aleppo, experts do not rule out that if a new large-scale offensive begins, Turkish troops may try to attack Russian combat aircraft, as well as use MIM-23 systems deployed in Syria to defeat Syrian fighters and bombers.

Good partners. In the Soviet Army and Navy these were called probable opponents, in the KGB of the USSR, by the way, too.