Turkey launched a large-scale military operation in northern Syria, hitting with aircraft and artillery

Turkey launched a large-scale military operation in northern Syria.

Tonight, Turkish troops launched a military operation in northern Syria, attacking the positions of Kurdish and Syrian formations, bringing in troops and using military aircraft for strikes. This is evidenced not only by the relevant video footage from the places of the attack by the Turkish army, but also by messages transmitted over the speakerphone in the cities of the Arab Republic bordering Turkey.

The military operation of the Turkish military, as journalists previously reported, began after a provocation arranged by Ankara, when strikes were made on the observation post of the Syrian army. As a result of retaliatory strikes from Syria, Turkey launched combat aircraft and drones into the air and launched attacks on the northern part of the country, immediately introducing up to 60 units of various types of military equipment through several border checkpoints.

It is known that from the minarets of the Turkish city of Karkamish, bordering Syria in the province of Gaziantep, calls were made to local residents to stay at home and remain calm, as the Turkish army is going to launch an operation in Syria in the near future.

It is reported that the cities of Tel Abyad and Jerablus were the initial target of the Turkish military, where serious clashes with Kurdish formations were recorded, as indicated, among other things, by numerous videos.

In turn, it should be noted that official Ankara did not announce the start of a military operation in Syria, probably trying to delay the transfer of Syrian forces to the region.


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