Turkey intends to deny ground handling to Russian airliners

Aircraft of Russian airlines that have fallen under the sanctions of the United States and Europe will not be served by Turkey.

The Turkish authorities began to consider the possibility of refusing to service Russian passenger airliners of those Russian air carriers that fell under US and European sanctions. We are talking mainly about those Russian airlines that use Boeing and Airbus passenger airliners on their flights both to Turkey and with an intermediate stop on the territory of this country.

Turkey's largest airport ground handling provider Havas has warned Russian airlines that it may stop servicing Western-made aircraft due to sanctions imposed by Washington in connection with the invasion of Ukraine, a Turkish source told Middle East Eye. The list includes 170 aircraft owned by Russian airlines, including Aeroflot, Rossiya, S7, Utair Airlines, Red Wings, Nordwind and Yamal, as well as the Belarusian airline Belavia. The source said that Havas has not yet made a final decision to withdraw service from Russian airlines, but is currently evaluating the situation by talking to them., - reports the publication "Middle East Eye".

Given the fact that flights to Turkey are quite frequent, this can lead to very serious problems for Russian air carriers, as well as for tourists who are forced to look for a limited number of countries for their holidays abroad.




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