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Turkey launches missile strikes on former Russian bases in al-Malikiya

Turkey continues to demonstrate aggression against Russia in Syria.

One of the areas in the northeastern part of Syria, where the Russian military had previously organized their military bases, but after a while they left them again, including with the aim of later returning to this area, was subjected to powerful rocket fire from the Turkish military. We are talking about the small settlement of Al-Malikiya, which the Kurds, the United States, the SAA and Russia are currently trying to control, however, Turkey's intervention may lead to the fact that full-fledged hostilities can be organized against Ankara due to its intervention.

“The Turkish army and the SNA launched rocket and artillery strikes on the positions of the Kurdish forces in the villages of Maraanaz and al-Malikiya in the north of Aleppo province,” Telegram reports from WarJournal.

At the moment, it is because of the actions of the Turkish military and the jihadists under their control in Syria that there is very serious tension, while Russia has repeatedly demonstrated to Ankara that it will immediately retaliate against the regions controlled by the militants, and in case of violation of agreements, attack the score. there will probably even be Turkish troops.