Turkey strikes Syria with tactical missiles

Turkey used tactical missiles in Syria.

The Turkish military, for the first time since the open invasion of Syria, used tactical missile weapons against this country. As it became known, the Turkish military used their TMWS systems to strike Syrian territory, which is the first combat use of these weapons against the SAR.

At the moment, it is known that with the help of the TMWS tactical missile system, at least four tactical missile strikes were carried out against the northern part of the Arab Republic. The type of missile used has not yet been established, however, it is known that this weapon was first used in Syria in May of this year against Kurdish formations.

On the video presented by the Turkish military, you can see the moment of the tactical missile attack on the positions of the Syrian Kurds. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about a missile fired by a combat aircraft, however, at the moment, information on this has been clarified - the tactical system TMWS was used.

“The TMWS Tactical Missile Launch System is a stabilized turret system. This system can carry 4 UMTAS/L-UMTAS missiles or 8 CIRIT missiles or 2 UMTAS/L-UMTAS missiles and 4 CIRIT missiles and launch them while in motion thanks to its stabilized turret. A visual demonstration of the operation of this system is presented in the following video frames ", - reports the Turkish "Telegram" channel "Türk Kulübü", publishing the corresponding video.

Experts note that despite the relatively short range of targets, the explosions were quite powerful. At the same time, a tactical missile flying along a special trajectory is practically guaranteed not to be intercepted.