King Air 350


Turkey did not allow the US military to evacuate from Syria by plane, deploying air defense systems

Turkey did not allow the US military to leave Syria, deploying air defense systems and banning any flights.

Despite the fact that US troops are quickly leaving the area of ​​the military operation, it became known that Turkey, having deployed air defense systems and closing the airspace in this region for flights, forbade the military to evacuate by plane.

It is with this circumstance that the strange flight of the American Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft, which could not land on the Syrian-controlled territory of the US military, is connected due to the existing risk that it can really open fire from air defense systems.

In fact, Turkey does not hold back the US military by force, however, in order to leave this territory, the US military will have to leave the zone of the military operation by car.

Earlier, the US Air Force command announced its readiness to attract military aircraft in order to prevent the Turkish military from invading northern Syria, but, obviously, this was only an attempt to frighten Ankara, since during the last three days the American military aircraft in this area were not seen .