Turkey deceived Russia and launched an attack on the Syrian military

Turkey violated agreements with Russia on Syria.

Ankara launched a military invasion of Syria and attacked areas with large Syrian forces in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, violating the agreements with Moscow to create a de-escalation zone in this region. The attack was carried out using heavy artillery, presumably the very ones that were transferred to Syria a few days ago, while the information about the injured and the dead is very vague - according to pro-Turkish sources, we are talking about 10 dead SAA troops, while the Lebanese Al-Masdar News news agency reports the absence of both dead and injured.

“On Saturday morning, the Turkish military launched a new attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), directing attacks on positions in part of the province of Aleppo. According to reports, the Turkish military launched an unprovoked attack on the positions of the Syrian army in western Aleppo, resulting in some material damage, but no one was hurt. The attack, apparently, lasted only for a short period of time and was based mainly on artillery attacks from the area near the Turkish border. At the same time, the Syrian Arab army and Turkish-backed militants exchanged attacks along the Jabal al-Zawiya front in southern Aleppo on Saturday, resulting in casualties for both sides. The recent outbreak of violence in northwestern Syria was the result of an incident earlier this month when members of the terrorist group Urras al-Din ambushed large Syrian forces on the Al-Gaab Plain. ”- сообщает "AMN."

The Russian side has not yet commented on the attack on the Syrian military by Turkey, however, it was previously reported that all current agreements between Ankara and Moscow could be broken, since Turkey has not complied with any points of the agreements reached, while the terrorists actively attack the position of CAA.

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Nothing unexpected. This is exactly what the Turks always did in a historical perspective, and it is this way of communicating with partners that led the Ottoman Empire to a state without allies surrounded by enemies and ultimately to collapse. And the Russians have rich experience in such Russian-Turkish communication. So - everything is under control ...