Turkey launched 250 air strikes on Syria

Turkey has launched strikes against Syria for the second day in a row.

In the two days since the start of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, the Turkish military has launched more than 250 strikes on the positions of the Kurdish formations. The application of artillery strikes is carried out mainly with the help of adjustments from the drone. However, as it became known, we are talking only about artillery preparation and the active phase of the military operation will begin within the next two days.

According to data available to the news agency, up to 50 servicemen and Turkish-controlled militants will be involved in the Turkish military operation in Syria. The latter have already received various types of military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, anti-tank missile systems and multiple rocket launchers. This indicates the fact that Turkey is preparing for a very serious confrontation.

At the moment, it is known that Turkey has also temporarily abandoned the ground operation due to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the region, although the Syrian military has previously stated that they will not reconcile with any Turkish invasion. In turn, satellite images show that most of the military facilities in northern Syria were indeed abandoned by the military.