Turkey accused Russia of violating agreements on Syria

The Turkish Defense Ministry accused Russia of violating the agreement between Moscow and Ankara on Syria.

In addition to the fact that for several years the Turkish side not only did not fulfill a single point of the agreements with the Russian side on Syria, the defense department of this country accused Russia of escalating the situation and violating the agreements, threatening with certain measures. The accusations against Turkey came after Russian military aircraft launched hundreds of air strikes on pro-Turkish jihadist positions in both northwestern Syria and the northern part of the Arab republic.

“Stating that the fight against terrorism and terrorists in northern Iraq and Syria, which pose a threat and danger to Turkey, will continue, Akar recalled the agreement between Turkey and Russia. Akar said: “We follow the principles under this agreement. We have done everything that needs to be done in this regard and we are doing them with great effort. However, the number of air attacks has increased recently. We also stated that this is not in line with the MOU. Initiatives at all levels continue, "he said.", - about it сообщает Turkish edition of "Internet Haber".

For what reasons the Turkish troops occupied the northern part of Syria and support international terrorists, Akar did not comment, nor did he say why the Turkish side still does not fulfill the agreement with Russia on Idlib.

It should be noted that earlier Damascus warned Ankara about the need to urgently evacuate Turkish troops from Syria in connection with the planned military operation in the region. Otherwise, Ankara was offered to come to terms with possible losses.