Azerbaijan arming


Turkey announces unprecedented arms supply to Azerbaijan

Turkey intends to arm Azerbaijan with modern weapons.

Against the background of the next increase in tension in Karabakh, it became known that Turkey intends to begin an unprecedented supply of weapons to Azerbaijan, at the same time, we are talking about unmanned aerial vehicles of reconnaissance and strike type, tanks, MLRS, and, in all likelihood, even combat helicopters ...

According to the data obtained by the information and news resource, we are talking mainly about a serious modernization of the Azerbaijani army, which is likely due to the intentions of Ankara and Baku to continue the armed conflict in the region, as it became known earlier about the preparation of the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies invaded the Sinyuk region, where a Russian military base is already operational, as previously reported.

According to previously reported information, Ankara and Baku have agreed on the supply of up to 40 Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles to Azerbaijan's armaments, as evidenced by earlier information about the training of a large number of Turkish-made drone operators, but there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

Putin already has such experience, handing out passports to everyone who just wants to)))) But I think it will not work for Karabakh, although everything can be expected from Putin.

Azeris were lucky with an ally. But the Armenians are not very good.

First, do not forget to give the Chechens independence ... You can't keep an entire nation by force ...

It's okay, Putin will turn on the typewriter and print more money, people will receive $ 100 a month, he will ban the circulation of the dollar, he is the king and king.

It's time for the Karabakh people to issue Russian citizenship. And at the same time, the Armenians - all the same, in case of war, they will run to us, because there is nowhere else.