Turkey announces purchase of 40 Su-35 fighters from Russia

Turkey has publicly announced the purchase of Su-35 fighters.

Turkey intends to purchase 40 Russian Su-35 fighters. This was stated by Turkish media with reference to a source in the Turkish Defense Ministry. According to some reports, the contract between Russia and Turkey was concluded within the framework of the Army-2020 forum, while the talk could be about a deal worth about 3-4 billion dollars.

“After purchasing the S-400, Turkey will take another step towards the contract for the Russian Su-35 fighters. And, with a very high probability, he will buy them. And the United States, it seems, will wipe out exactly as it did after the delivery of the Triumph air defense system. Ankara has already chosen a strategy against possible US sanctions. Will 40 "dryers" be enough to gain air supremacy in battles with the air forces of Greece and Egypt? If you compare in quantity, then no: even the Greeks have 156 F-16 Fighting Falcon (Fighting Falcon), as well as 22 Mirage 2000. If you add another 200 Egyptian F-16, then the balance of power leaves no chance at all for the "Turkish" Su-35 ... Of course, the outcome of air battles is influenced not only by the number of vehicles and not even by the training of pilots, although these factors cannot be underestimated. "- приводит Information published by Free Press with reference to the Turkish edition of Milli Gazete.

Considering the number of Su-35 fighters being purchased by Turkey, it is likely that Russia will provide a loan for Ankara.

It is worth paying attention to an important fact - during the Army-2020 forum, it was announced about the planned delivery of Russian Su-35 fighters to other countries in the amount of about $ 7 billion, and, probably, Turkey was one of such buyers.