Turkey C-400


Turkey announced the purchase of the second regimental set of S-400 "Triumph" air defense systems

Turkey is still interested in buying a second set of S-400 air defense systems.

Despite the fact that the Russian side rejected Turkey's offers to sell Ankara S-400 Triumph complexes with an impressive discount and transfer of Triumph production technology, Ankara decided to continue negotiations with Russia on this issue, since Turkey is still interested in this Russian weapon. The head of the Turkish defense industry department Ismail Demir said this yesterday.

In his speech, Damir was very laconic, and stressed that Turkey is still interested in Russia's proposals to sell the S-400 complexes to the Turkish side, namely the second regimental set, and continues to negotiate with Russia on this issue.

"Our work on the second regiment of S-400 systems continues.", - stressed Demir.

Today, there are quite a few questions regarding the operation of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems already acquired by Turkey, since these complexes were not officially adopted by the Turkish army, which, by the way, did not prevent Washington from imposing sanctions against a number of Turkish companies and departments.

According to experts, one of the reasons for Turkey's interest in Russian long-range air defense systems is an attempt to compensate for the shortcomings of its air force, since one regimental set would be enough to completely cover the territory of Turkey from any air strikes.

"Russia and Turkey are brothers forever!" A NPP loan is good, extra money for the interest on the loan! They are our largest grain buyers, so there is mutual trade. С400 - outdated and export version. Moscow already has C500 on duty.

I completely agree with the author. Take a look back at the history of our state.

I agree 100%! And I will not be surprised if someone "kind" sells it under the guise and technology.

We ourselves are arming a potential (and possibly already real) enemy? Money is money, but we will lose more from this in the future if we continue to arm the Turks! We ourselves will have to fight off our own weapons and incur losses. And if they also resell one set of the USA? In general, it will be lovely.
We already sponsor the Turks by buying their tomatoes, vegetables and other goods, we are building a nuclear power plant (on credit!), Our tourists, while resting with them, leave a lot of money there (tourists, you are sponsoring Turkish aggression against Russia in the future).