Turkish Air Force


Turkey officially announces full-scale war with Syria

Turkey spoke of a full-scale war with Syria.

Advisor to the President of Turkey, Yasin Aktay, stated that Turkey is ready to declare a full-fledged war on Syria if the Syrian government forces impede the Turkish military operation in the northern part of the Arab Republic and protect the Kurdish forces.

“The American troops that supported the self-defense units are currently leaving the area, but if the Syrian army defends these units, Turkey’s position will not change, we can’t resolve this. If the Syrian regime wants to enter Manbij, Ain el-Arab, Kamyshli in order to provide protection to the Kurdish people's self-defense units, this is considered a declaration of war in Turkey, they will receive a proportionate response. ”- said the adviser to the Turkish president.

Such threats can become a serious problem for Ankara, because in this case, the Syrian military can completely protect the airspace of Syria, and any attacks on the territory of the Arab Republic can lead to the fact that the Turkish Air Force planes will become the targets of air defense systems. Nevertheless, Russia’s position is causing some concern, since neither the Syrian nor the Kurdish parties will be present in the framework of the same negotiations scheduled for October 22.

There is no game. Putin is losing ground always and everywhere. Beginning in the 2000 years, when the presidents of the Central Asian republics put pressure on Putin about free migration. The result is millions of migrants in Russia. And their citizens cannot find work.

Erdogan ne kogo ne pereigral. On prosto zashishaet Turciyu ot kurdskix terroristov, zashishaet Turciyu ot raschleneniya. A kto to veshaet yarlik vozrojdeniya Osmanskoy imperii, eto chush i kleveta. Turciya ne pretenduet ni mm zemli drugogo gosudarstvo.Eshe siriyskie bejenci arabi sunniti doljni vernutsya iz Turcii v svoi Siriyu, bez konca oni ne doljni sidet v Turcii.

Thank you, although someone understands the essence of the Erdogan war.

Alarmingly, it seems that Erdogan outplayed our president in the implementation of plans for the revival of the Ottoman Empire.