Turkey officially announced its requirements for Sweden and Finland to approve admission to NATO

Turkey has officially outlined its requirements for Sweden and Finland to approve their admission to NATO.

Information previously circulated by Turkish and Russian media that Ankara allegedly requires for approving the decision to admit Sweden and Finland to NATO, including Turkey in the F-35 program and lifting sanctions, turned out to be unreliable. As it became known, Turkey really put forward demands, however, the latter concern only the current cooperation of Sweden and Finland with Kurdish organizations that Ankara considers banned and terrorist.

The Turkish authorities insist on the extradition of members of the "terrorists": the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the FETO organization; designating as terrorist the so-called Syrian National Self-Defense Forces (SNS), which Ankara considers affiliated with the PKK; ending support for representatives of the “fethullahist organization” (FETO), which the Turkish authorities accuse of being involved in preparing a coup in 2016; the closure of all organizations associated with structures that are associated in Turkey with terrorists and the provision of appropriate guarantees.

Experts note that, in all likelihood, both Sweden and Finland will comply with such conditions, but there is still no official response from either Stockholm or Helsinki.