C-400 SAM


Turkey officially criticized Russian C-400

Russian C-400 was criticized in Turkey ... for the first time.

Turkey was extremely dissatisfied with the conclusion of a contract with Russia for the supply of Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to the country. Information on this subject was voiced by the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat Ismail Demir, stressing that they were not ready for such a thing in Ankara.

The key problem, according to Turkey, is the artificial delay of technology transfer by Russia to the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems.

“We are planning a schedule for next year. Unlike the first [batch], there is co-production and technology transfer. This goes beyond “let's quickly buy and install the first system”, - Ismail Demir said in a statement.

Specialists, in turn, note that the transfer of technology for the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems is extremely undesirable for Russia, since in this case key partners will be forced to refuse to purchase such air defense / missile defense systems.

“If NATO gets C-400 technologies, no country will want to buy these systems anymore, because in this case, countermeasures will be quickly worked out. It is possible that interest in the Russian Triumphs will disappear dramatically. ”, - the analyst notes.