Turkey recklessly transferred 10 thousand terrorists to Libya, and Russia is already preparing a reckoning in Syria

Turkey is transferring 10 terrorists and militants to Libya.

According to a number of Syrian sources, the Turkish military began to massively export controlled militants from Idlib and Aleppo, transferring them on civilian and military transport planes to Libya. At the moment, we are talking about 10 thousand terrorists, however, Russia is preparing major trouble for Ankara, intending to resume the assault on the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, as indicated by sources in the Syrian army.

SOHR: Ankara has transported more than 10 thousand terrorists from Syria to Libya- сообщает Twitter user Nadie Harbieh, citing data from the Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center.

The data on this subject is partially confirmed by the fact that the Libyan national army was forced to retreat from territories previously controlled, in particular, during an attack at Al-Vatiya airbase, according to some reports, over 500 terrorists from Syria and around 700 fighters of the forces of the Government of National Unity.

However, much more remarkable is the fact that Russia plans to renew the assault on terrorist positions in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, as evidenced by information provided by sources in the Syrian army.

At the moment, a large number of forces are being transferred to the front line, while there is also very high activity among terrorists - the latter are already deploying their fortifications, obviously realizing that the Syrian and Russian military will soon go on the attack.

They lie to that !!! They brought only about a hundred from around the world on one plane !!! This is a drop in the bucket !!! In Libya, MILYONS are fighting !!! Until the end of the past !!!

To transfer 10000 armed militants even to such a relatively short distance by air would require up to 1 flights of S-130 or B-727 type aircraft, which would take several weeks. by way on landing craft and barges.