C-400 Turkey
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Turkey denies purchase of new batch of S-400

Turkey has denied the acquisition of a new batch of Russian S-400.

Despite statements by Russian representatives that an agreement has been reached between Moscow and Ankara on the supply of another large batch of S-400 complexes to the Turkish army and the actual conclusion of a contract, Turkish officials said that so far no agreements with Russia have been reached. , since there are a lot of disagreements on the supply of these weapons.

A Turkish high-ranking official reports that negotiations between the two sides are indeed underway, however, there are a number of unresolved issues, the key of which is the provision of documentation on this complex to the Turkish side, obviously for further production of either the S-400 themselves in Turkey, or for the development by the Turkish side of its own air defense systems.

Earlier, the Turkish side reported that it is ready to purchase a batch of Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, provided that Russia not only provides technical documentation for this weapon, but also makes a significant discount to the Turkish side. The Russian side is categorically against at least the first condition, since, in fact, Turkey is a NATO member.


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