Turkey left the USA without F-35 fighters - the issue will have to be rolled out for three years

Washington recognized the inability to manufacture F-35 fighters due to the lack of Turkish components.

The United States may stop producing fifth-generation F-35 fighters for several years, suffering very serious damage. The reason for this is the cessation of the production of components for these combat aircraft in Turkey. If Washington imposes sanctions against Ankara, then Turkey will not only close the American military enterprise, but also delay the production of military aircraft for a period of 2-3 years - during this period the United States will have to find a new partner, create production facilities and resume production of components.

A few months ago, Washington publicly announced that the production of fifth-generation American fighters would not be affected, even if Turkey left the program for the production of these combat aircraft. Nevertheless, the current recognition of such a failure for the entire US military-industrial complex means that the United States may begin to have very, very big problems, as failure to deliver the F-35 fighter to its partners threatens the United States with additional fines.

It should be clarified that the United States previously stated that it was excluding Turkey from the fifth generation fighter program, however, Ankara denied this, saying that it is still an American partner and continues to fulfill its obligations to produce components for American "stealth".

And what are our businessmen still selling rocket engines and components for Boeing in the USA?