Turkey refused to block the Bosphorus for Russian warships at the request of the United States

Turkey refused to block the Bosphorus for Russian warships.

The United States tried to achieve a blockade of Russian warships in the Black Sea through negotiations with Turkey to block the Bosphorus. Moreover, the United States offered Turkey to revise some of the provisions of the Montreux Convention in order to increase the possibilities for the presence of the NATO and US fleets in the waters of the Black Sea. However, despite the fact that Turkey is a NATO country, Ankara resolutely refused to make such decisions, emphasizing that the Montreux Convention is not subject to revision.

“We made it clear to our allies that they should not even think about anything other than the Montreux Convention. We do not approve of restrictive measures against Russia. However, we do not want the US and our allies to block us with possible responses that include restrictive measures. The Black Sea is not included in the NATO response. There is nothing that could be contrary to the Montreux Convention.", Turkish journalist Bedrettin Belyukbashi reports.

Turkey stressed that Ankara could indeed close the Bosphorus, however, only under other conditions, for example, when a state of emergency is declared in the country, Turkey is involved in hostilities, etc.

A little earlier it became known that the United States intended to revise a number of provisions of the Montreux Convention in order to increase the number of warships that could be in the waters of the Black Sea by 2-3 times.

Not good fellows but pragmatists. They understand that if it comes to bloody snot, then with modern weapons the straits will open in 10 minutes with ruins smoking along the banks.

Where do you open it on the moon or something.

I’m tired too, don’t they really know the USA, this is the most deceitful now every homeless person knows the country of the USA and no one believes

The Turks are well aware of how, for them, the blockade of the strait may end. The strait, in this case, will go to Russia. For good.

You are mistaken, America is everlasting ..

I have no doubt. The fact that ours, if necessary, will open it themselves. From a distance of 500 kilometers. And at the same time they will expand by a couple of kilometers

the Turks just remember what they were promised last time, we can open the second strait

Because Ankara understands that the Anglo-Saxons and their accomplices can block Turkey itself at the right moment and at the right time.
It is very difficult to block the Russian Federation in the strait, because then Turkey itself will remain in the blockade of Russians in the Black Sea and from the Mediterranean Sea.

Even Erdogan was fed up with this omnipresent America ...

Everyone in the world has long understood that the main terrorists in the world are America and Great Britain. Soon they will be left without allies, because in some countries, thank God, wise rulers are at the helm (unlike the above countries).

Croatia, Bulgaria, now Turkey is the third NATO country to break away from hysteria and escalation at the whim of the US. Germany will send only decommissioned helmets to Ukraine. A little more, and Putin will remove his main demand, since NATO itself will roll back to 1997 or even earlier!

The Montreux kit included the return to the Ottomans of the Kars district, where the Molokans already lived ... they would have to return, but already to the Armenians ...

Why do they need an early false start. If there is a big zvaruha, they will figure out what's what and who wins. And at a convenient time for them to close. Do not doubt.

Montreux convection 1936 - made Turkey dominant not only in the Black Sea, but raised its status at the world level. That is why today Russia is forced to forgive
much to Turkey and "be friends" with Erdogan. That is why Russia returned to Syria.

In vain Turkey referred to the inviolability of the law. Now the crazy USA will find 100500 tricks.

The matter is very understandable. And why, in fact, the Turks should fall under the first blow, and not wait a little while until it becomes clear which side will take up. At the same time, some new bonus can be demanded from Russia. Exactly the same as in the second great.

Ankara acted wisely.

Well, at least here the Turks are great.

The Turks have their own affairs, they emphasize that they themselves will close it when they need it, without NATO.



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