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Turkey refused to voluntarily transfer the technical parameters of the Russian S-400

The reason for the US sanctions against Turkey was Ankara's refusal to share data on the technical parameters of the S-400.

One of the main reasons why Washington intends to impose sanctions against Turkey over the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems is Turkey's refusal to provide information on the technical parameters of these anti-aircraft missile systems. According to some reports, the United States offered Turkey to share secret information about the operation of radars, but Ankara refused to do so.

“Washington is very concerned about the capabilities of the Russian S-400, and after Turkey became the owner of these weapons, the United States offered Ankara to share the technologies of Russian weapons in order, probably, not only to create analogues of Russian complexes, but also to develop measures to counter radars and missiles. "Triumphs". However, after Turkey refused to take such a step, the United States immediately decided to impose sanctions against Ankara. Such is the partnership ", - the analyst notes.

Immediately after the tests of Russian weapons, Washington again announced the imposition of sanctions against Turkey, however, even if the entire military bloc joins in, this will become a serious problem for the North Atlantic Alliance itself, since Turkey can easily block its airspace and the Bosphorus for aircraft and NATO ships

I assure you, it will not be reflected in any way! Because the developer himself cannot figure out Russian Electronics!
Because communication is an accident!

Who wrote the article? Yes, if the Turks were offered, they sold their mother to the Americans.

What is transferred (sold, donated, given on credit without return) abroad does not contain any secrets anymore. Our opponents will get them one way or another. How this will affect our defenses is an interesting question!