Turkey refused Su-57, but is ready to buy Su-35

Turkey decided to choose the Russian Su-35 instead of the Su-57.

According to the Turkish news publication Yeni Safak, currently Turkish authorities replacement of US F-35s with Russian Su-35 is under consideration, and to assess the possibility of buying Russian fighters of the 4 ++ generation, a corresponding proposal was sent to the secretariat of the country's defense industry and the command of the Turkish Air Force.

At the moment, it is known that negotiations with the Russian side are not ongoing, since they will only be possible after a possible transaction is approved by the said departments. Nevertheless, given the fact that Turkey is still considering buying Su-35 fighters, it is likely that this indicates that Turkey is not interested in buying Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters.

It should be clarified that relatively recently in the Turkish media there was information that Ankara is ready to consider offers from two countries - Russia and China, and it is assumed that buying a fifth-generation Chinese fighter Shenyang J-31 will cost Turkey less, however, at the same time , serial production of these combat aircraft has not yet begun.

The Russian side has not yet reported on the progress of negotiations with Turkey.